The Art is Everywhere

Well, it’s hump day. For me this means getting through one more night of (late) class so that I can get back to building more of this monster I’ve created to distribute art to the interested. It means trying to keep all the balls in the air. It means trying to continue to produce unique work while trying to keep up with everything else. This means that my itch to paint more and create other new and exciting things (which I’ll reveal soon) simply has to wait.

In spite of all this, the art is still there, waiting for someone to find it and show it to everyone else. It’s around every corner, in parking garages and car washes, in kitchens and front yards. For example:

Most of the time, it’s easy to glance at something, and just pass it by, especially in the rush of the day. But sometimes, when you catch it just right, and you remind yourself to slow down and appreciate it, good things can happen. Especially in the rush of the everyday.