Jets - The One Hanging Up in My House

This is my photo "Jets" that, frankly, is one of my personal favorites.

Hold on. Let me back up for just a minute. One of the things I love to do is find art in interesting, if everyday places. I feel that things like art and beauty are around us every minute and that one of the challenges that we face is to look for and appreciate what is there, regardless of form.

This particular photo, for instance, was taken at a car wash. There isn't exactly a lot to do when you're sitting in your vehicle while those giant foam brushes roll over you. When I look at this photo, however, I feel like I'm on a small boat being overwhelmed by a big wave in a stormy sea. The drops of water on the glass windshield give it texture while the colors and the movement make it rather dramatic and even moody.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photo and (in the cheesiest way possible) challenge you to go out and find the art and the beauty around you that are just waiting to be enjoyed.